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21 February 2020

On the face of it, seems to have a lot of promise. A place for writers to submit their work, a site that features a variety of different writing prompts and contests, great submission fees. But does it live up to its hype?

No doubt, those writers who are looking to become authors would all love to be able to see just how far their own talent can take them. If they want to publish their own books, then they need to know what it takes to get a book published. And if they want to see just how good they can write, they need to know how to get noticed by agents and editors.

As an Internet writer myself, I think that a lot of people struggle with what kind of review sites they should use. They spend hours writing, and then many hours waiting for it to go through the process and finally appear in the inbox of the one they are submitting to. Because I am a writer, I also have a special kind of perspective on the quality of these sites – it takes time and effort to build your reputation, and if you’re not careful, your reputation can be seen through the barrage of spam emails you receive every day.

Despite the fact that many people have no idea what these review sites are about, the sites that review writers are the most valuable ones in the long run. While at first glance, they might seem to be ‘overrated’, a little bit of digging will show that they are more than worth the hype.

In order to understand what makes a review site ‘worthwhile’, you have to understand what the positive aspects of these reviews are. Once you understand them, you’ll be better equipped to spot an ‘overrated’ site before you fall into it.

For one thing, the website doesn’t use a cookie or any form of tracking to determine the number of people who visit their site. Many sites, like, are now using the Meta tags that many article directories are using to track their readership.

This is particularly important if the site you are reviewing wants you to complete a survey or receive more information about their site. A site that doesn’t track their readers is much more likely to be honest about what they are offering, and therefore more likely to be truthful.

You can also usually find testimonials from other authors who have worked with the site as well. This will help to give you a good idea of the level of professionalism you will encounter when you are dealing with the site. I always advise all of my clients to read what people have said about a certain website, because this often reveals more about the company’s reputation than the content itself.

Most of these sites provide links for the writer to click on when they want to contribute to the site. This is a good sign, because it shows that the site is trying to get as much information as possible from its writers, which is very much the goal of any site that does its reviews.

The sites also usually have deadlines for people to submit their writings. This means that there are some guidelines that are not optional, which can mean that the writing itself will not be rushed or hurried through. Writing is always a slow process, but it has to be properly done – and a site that gives writers a deadline to complete their work shows that it knows that the writer is the main priority.

Finally, the sites do not display advertising – something that is so important these days when writing blogs, articles, and other forms of content are needed to make money on the Internet. They don’t take any advertising dollars, so they are free of corporate influence and can therefore offer you the best advice that they can offer.

If you want to learn how to make a living on the Internet, then reviewing sites such as these are just as important as any paid outlet. They’re just not advertised as often, and they allow you to remain independent.

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