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21 February 2020
academized Reviews should be taken seriously as they provide objective feedback about an Internet site. So you need to take care of the following suggestions before you make your decision and click the buy button.

Never judge a company by its reputation; evaluate the quality of the site by evaluating the testimonials and reviews on that site. has amassed a large number of credible and valuable customer reviews as it has been in operation for quite some time. Customers give good feedback to prove that the company is legitimate and reliable.

Don’t ever assume that only negative reviews are helpful comments. Try to find out if the information provided by the concerned customer is accurate and not just an opinion. Try to find out what he/she thinks the content of the site provides and if the information given is more of a value add service.

Also, be sure that you really read the review before you decide to read the review. You must try to assess the reliability of the information provided in the testimonial. Try to find out if the information provided is correct or if the website owner is right in his/her assertion. Make sure that you believe the information and not just an opinion of someone who isn’t really a customer.

The best way to verify the testimonial is to ask the concerned customer to clarify the information provided. The customer will be very eager to provide the detailed information of what he/she really thinks about the website. In this way, you will be able to get a clear picture of the situation. If you still don’t believe the information, just contact the customer and ask him/her to provide you the facts.

Inquire about the date of the testimonial and also where he/she got the information. Some testimonials may be from a member who joined after reading the feedbacks and not of the customer himself/herself. It is best to check this question first. But don’t hesitate to call the concerned customer and ask for details. Ask for verifiable information like his/her email address, phone number, etc.

If there is no internet address of the concerned customer, ask the concerned customer to send you a copy of the testimonial so that you can check for credibility. All you need to do is find out whether the client has proof that he/she is telling the truth. If yes, then it means that the testimonial was either written or taken from someone else’s emails.

Also, you must inquire about the timings of the testimonial given by the concerned customer. If the testimonial was written in a short span of time, then it means that the info is not confirmed and therefore, you must consider the information as a bit of biased feedback.

It is advisable to consider this feedback with a pinch of salt, because if it is something which is not true, then there is a serious problem with the reputation of the concerned business. But if it is true, then it can mean that the concerned business is legitimate and reliable.

Another important thing to take note of is the academic integrity of the site. If the site offers high quality educational tools and services, then it means that the site is real and not just an advertisement of a different product. has been providing education and training for several years now. Now, they have expanded to other areas like micro online tutoring, online correspondence courses, etc.

So, you need to make sure that the concerned site has a good reputation in the industry. If the content of the site is good, then don’t hesitate to share the information with others. And if you think that you can trust your friends and relatives, then try to share the information with them.

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